Friday, January 20, 2012

Nieuport 28 Diorama built by John Reid

If you're modeling aircraft and you haven't had the chance to check out the work of John Reid, I suggest you perform a search on his name! John has been modeling for a number of years and has done some astounding work!
A great example of his work is the 1/16 Scale Nieuport 28 and Hanager Diorama - John really took the Nieuport by Model Airways a step beyond!

John's Comments: In this diorama that I call "The Lesson" I have used your Neiuport 28 Model Airways kit as the centerpiece.I am here showing it as a teaching tool for training new pilots and mechanics on the type.The year would be around 1918 somewhere in France. I originally did this as an educational piece for the kids(and the young at heart) to see how the old wood and wire airplanes were actually built. It is now on permanent display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa Canada. 

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