Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Model Airways Nieuport 28 built by Jim Landon

Jim Landon posted a complete build log of his Model Airways Nieuport 28, Eddie Rickenbacker's Airplane - with pictures! Not all of Jim's comments are "glowing" reviews of the kit...

and that is to be expected with a model as difficult as this kit. If you're considering or in the middle of building the Nieuport 28, Eddie Rickenbacker's Airplane, Jim's log is worth your time. Click here to read Jim Landon's Build Log with pictures!


  1. I apologize to ModelExpo for the negative comments I made in my above mentioned Nieuport 28 build log.

    I would feel bad if I found out that my criticism of the kit caused someone to not purchase it.

    I am a retired electrical engineer and I am obsessive compulsive about making a model as close to the real thing as possible. ... A normal person could build the Model Airways Nieuport 28 "straight out of the box" per the instructions and be happy as a lark with it. ... A friend of mine did, and was. ... And most people they showed it to would think it was an incredible work of art. ... And it really is.

    Also, I have only recently learned that ModelExpo probably would have replaced things like the gear that had a tooth missing. ... They recently replaced some parts for my Model Airways Curtiss Jenny - and the problem was entirely my fault.

    1. I totally agree with you Jim.... My kit came exactly the same way yours did! A lot of excess on the britannia metal parts, gear teeth missing, cilinders with no spark plugs holes at all... My motor mounting ring came stuck into one of those plexiglass boxes and got more like a square than a circle, I tried to fix it molding with my hands towards the correct shape but it's still a bit "oval-like".... I got a lot of work to do, but I liked the model anyways, I just think Model Airways could improve a little bit the metal parts casting so people that are not so skilled could enjoy the construction as the kit comes out of the box, with little or no trouble at all! Thanks a lot, your construction log has been very helpful.

    2. Hello everyone! One thing that I need to mention here, about the Model Expo's Customers service... They're AWESOME! I have told them about my problem with the "motor mounting ring" (described above) and they sent a new one to me, plus two spark plugs that were missing, for free, and I don't even live in the US, they sent International mail. And I noticed those new parts are very well made. Pretty much better than the rest that I got in the kit. I think the real explanation for this, is the older kits (like the one I bought long time ago) have poor finishing, but they may have received a lot of complaints from customers, and now they are issuing the metal casting very well finished. The ones I received are ready to go with almost no work to do on them! Thanks, Leo.