Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fokker DR-1 Scale Model Kit Development is Underway!

That's right Model Airways fans, you heard it here first! We've contracted with David Ullman, of Model Airways Wright Flyer fame, to develop the Fokker DR-1 model kit!
Some high-level kit details: 1/16 scale, 17.7" wingspan, a little over 14" long, no plastic parts, due in 2013!

David will contributing to the Aviator's Flight Log - detailing his progress, providing sneak peaks, etc. You're welcome to reach to him through the forum!


  1. I'm looking forward to this kit, particularly to see how a plane with a metal tube fuselage will be prepared. Is there any thought to also doing the Fokker D-7 or D-8 in the future?

  2. I am also looking forward to this kit. I built the 1/8 hasegawa kit so i am looking to see how model airwys does