Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dr1 Fokker Tri-Plane Update!

Greetings Model Airways fans! We know many of you are anxiously awaiting the release of the
Dr1 Fokker Tri-Plane by Model Airways - we are as well! To avoid any hiccups we have in production, as we did with the USF Essex release, we are not pre-releasing for purchasing until this model kit is ready to go. If you're worried about "how will I know when it's ready", there is an easy fix - stay connected! Sign up for our emails, connect with us on Facebook and our Aviator's Flight Log, and check back often!

As for an estimate, I was hoping the latter part of August - remains to be seen. We have much to do in terms of wrapping up the instruction manual and setting up the kit in our manufacturing area. It is worth noting that many of the raw parts are already in-house - just need to get it all set up and put into the box for YOU! Soon folks, very soon - just keep watching!


  1. the new Fokker.1 wing good 2 wings better 3 wings best yet.