Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dr.1 Fokker Update - Almost Ready for Pre-ordering!

We are preparing to make the newest addition to our 1:16 Scale lineup of
Model Airways wood & metal aircraft kits available for pre-ordering! Our Model Airways kits already includes the Sopwith CamelAlbatros D.VaNieuport 28Curtiss JN-4D Jenny, and Wright Flyer - the Dr.1 Fokker Tri-Plane will be the icing on the cake!

The 1:16 Scale Dr.1 Fokker Tri-Plane is probably the most famous fighter of WWI.  It is known as the plane flown by Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, who is credited with 80 victories before he himself was shot down and killed.  Von Richthofen’s first victory came in September 1916. A majority of his early victories were in various models of the Albatros (the Albatros D.Va is also a Model Airways kit).  He only flew the Dr.1 from September 1917 until his death in April 1918, accounting for the last 20 of his kills.

One challenge designing this kit is that there are no original Dr.1’s in existence nor are there any original drawings. Every Dr.1 seen at an air show or in museum is a replica built from one of a number of sets of drawings that have been developed from the pieces and photographs that survive.  Every effort has been made to develop a kit that is as accurate and as realistically possible based on this material.

Model Airways Kit No. MA1040
Technical Details
Scale 1:16,
Length 14 1/8”
Span 17 3/4”
Height 7 1/4”
Kit design, Sheets, instructions, and prototype model by David G. Ullman, 2013

Actual pictures from David Ullman's completed build of the Model Airways Dr.1 Fokker Tri-Plane!


  1. This is a beautiful model by David, the detail is excellent and it is nice to see the correct aluminium axle box in the landing gear sub wing.

    It is very unfortunate then that the aluminium tube that connects the sub wing ribs in the front is incorrectly positioned, it should in fact be of larger diameter and occupy the hole in the ribs immediately behind.

  2. As of today 6/26/2013 is there any word on when the Triplane kit might become available for pre-ordering? jim hahn in Auburn,Maine