Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sopwith Camel question for fellow modelers

Paul recently sent us an email with an unusual request. Seems he is in the middle of building
the Sopwith Camel by Model Airways and wants to add a cowl, camel back and fuselage from aluminum. Can anyone help Paul out?

Paul's email follows:


Hey! I love your stuff! I have built two of your kits previously, Bluenose, and Fair American. I am always into improving on the kit, usually up to museum quality, and my intention is to do the same with your Sopwith Camel, which I have recently aquired. My question; I wish to make a display model that is half bones and half covered and finished. I would like to know if you could put me in contact with someone who can manufacture a cowl, camel back and fuselage cover from aluminum, or any moulded material, that is true to scale for this kit.

I was origionally considering the purchase of the Hasegawa 1/8 SOPWITH F.1 CAMEL for this reason, but I believe your kit has better scale properties, and is offered at a reasonable price. If you can give me some help, I would be a most happy return customer! Thanks! Paul...


  1. Camel Cowl follow this link to Arizona Models, they can custom make you one.


  2. I'm a bit late replying to this, but maybe it will still be of some use. I made a CAD model of the cowl for the Camel, and had it printed out. You can see the progress with it here, post #13 (I still have a way to go!):

    I have been considering uploading the design to shapeways, so others could print it out too.