Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sopwith Camel Feedback from Dudley via Disqus

Dudley used our product comment tool (Disqus) to review the Model Airways Sopwith Camel kit. One piece Dudley really enjoyed was
the Sopwith's engine! The question now is, what are you going to build next Dudley?

Dudley's comments: I built this model as a winter project up in the North East. It looked intimidating, but working step by step per the instructions made it enjoyable, satisfying, and construction moved right along. The engine by itself is a real jewel. I did that first, mounted it on a simple stand made from a bent coat hanger, and enjoyed admiring it during the rest of the build. I've built many plastic models, and a couple wood Guillows models, but this was my first "large" multi-media model. It came out great. The control surfaces even move when the stick is moved. 

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